Playing in the North

Thursday, May 18, 2017
I've played Bolton Octagon twice, both times premieres by established writers. First was by Henry Livings - first time I played a northern lass and just a year before I landed Corrie. And now I'm back in a new play by Timberlake Wertenbaker, seen here with long time chum Cathy Tyson.

Don't know why the north feels like home to this southern lass but it does. I love the West Pennines. We've been drubbed in the press which isn't right if you go by our audiences who laugh and clap and seem to have a really good time. Bad time for a left wing play I guess. Here's a local revue that raves - only on till June 3 so if you fancy it, don't miss out!

I'm going to have some real exciting news later this month - so watch this space! Meanwhile, here's me enjoying downtime with some soap chums.

That's Dan and Rob, here's me and Rich on my boat Sunya. Yeah, yeah, I know we had to get a tow in the end, but only after a fab sail Richard Hawley!

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