Friday, November 17, 2017, 12:48
Actually in truth, writing this from Vienna, but will be back in the South of England by next week, and there's a couple of gigs coming up too. So what's new? Well one thing that happened is this...

That was for the part I played in Gary Owen's re-imagined "Cherry Orchard" - which is finished now, so lord knows what happens next - but I'm red right now! I'm taking a quick break in Vienna with my son and father-in-law Eric, then it's back to the South Coast of England for a couple of gigs and (weather permitting) a bit of sailing before I take Sunya out of the water for a few winter weeks. 

It's been a hell of a year, full of adventure. Just before The Cherry Orchard I sailed the Bay of Biscay with my mate Geoff on his 36 foot Rustler. That was a game changer. I've talked about sailing the open ocean but my boat and my sailing has largely been coastal. This was a reality check for my sea legs and the news is it was AMAZING. Here's me prepping breakfast after we've made it across BoB and are setting out for England...

When I got back I was soon off to Cardiff to rehearse, but I ducked back to London for my father-in-law Eric Sanders book launch. Eric is nearly 98. Back when he was a jewish boy in Vienna he watched Hitler march into town and ran home to tell his mother. She said he wouldn't be going to school again, and he didn't. What followed is a huge story, one which you can read in his extraordinary autobiography - you can find it on Amazon books (search for Eric Sanders), as you can his novels. Eric has become something of a celebrity in Vienna in his 90s. He's on telly, he's in the papers, everyone wants to interview him. Isn't that an extraordinary life full circle. I was very proud to perform at his book launch with my beloved family and life long Kray Sister chums Kate McKenzie and Josie Lawrence.

But now I have to get down to some practice! 2 gigs coming up:

Friday Nov 24th at the Rottingdean Club
Sunday Dec 4th at Bar Broadway.

See you soon!

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