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I have wanted to sail in the Caribbean ALL MY LIFE, so here's my cheshire cat grin when I finally get to do it in my mate's Rustler 36 earlier this year. Pic taken just as we drop anchor in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

That set me up for a rollercoaster at work. The great news is that the film I made last year by Shola Amoo (I was actually doing some ADR on it the day Dad died) did really well at Sundance and will be released at Picture Houses all around the UK on Sept 27th. You'll find the trailer by clicking my Media button. 

And then I was lucky to be directed by Paul Foster playing Mrs Elton in The Deep Blue Sea at Chichester Festival Theatre. Brilliant cast, great reviews. Seen here between the divine ladies of Dressing Room A, Helena Wilson and Nancy Carroll.

I also got to play the Ladies Tent again at Brighton Pride. Such joy. Alyn Waterman (right of me) was hair and makeup on QAF, and Frith Tiplady (right of him) was location manager. She now produces Peaky Blinders, so there's posh for you.

And then of course 2019 is the 20th anniversary of Queer As Folk, so I get to glam up (Alyn Waterman again) and join Russell T Davies, Criag Kelly and Tom Robinson for a screening and Q&A at the BFI. Amazing experience - we got a standing ovation! Catch the series on All4.

So that's my news. I'm doing it, I'm really doing it!

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I have taken time away from here because I've been enjoying time with the family. Dad has kicked the bucket, which is sad but good too. I say 'kicked the bucket' to make light. Anyone will tell you, Don was a mighty man. We were lucky to have him as the cornerstone of our family for so long. And even now he's gone, he's in our hearts. I owe my wanderlust to him, and my stubborness. Dad looked life in the eye. So to anyone who is missing anyone, my heart is with you. Life is precious stuff. Here we are with Myrtle the dog on the Camber in Southsea. I'd just sailed my boat round from North Wales and Dad came to greet me. 

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So we're in the last week of Machinal at the Almeida. Such a happy company, tremendous crits, great theatre to work at. Always strange coming to the end of the theatre show - cos after it's finished, that's it, it's gone! Here's me as Ma with the wonderful Emily Berrington as Young Woman. Drop in and see us if you possibly can. 

What's next? I've got a guest on a TV drama coming up and then another great play, watch this space. I'm also headlining in the Women's Tent at Brighton Pride on Saturday August 4th in Preston Park. Should be on about 5pm. It's me and Britney! More here

Methinks I see time to go sailing coming up. I'll leave you with a little video I made my Dad who managed to join my birthday celebrations in Chichester Harbour thanks to the Wheely Boat operating out of Thorney Island. What a day. Enjoy the heatwave chums!

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Hot off the press today! The Almeida Theatre has announced the full cast for its revival of Sophie Treadwell's Machinal, directed by Natalie Abrahami.

Dwane Walcott, Emily Berrington and Denise Black

Natalie Abrahami's production will star Emily Berrington as Young Woman, Denise Black as Mother, Jonathan Livingstone as George H Jones and Dwane Walcott as Dick Roe. The rest of the cast, who all play various roles, are Nathalie Armin, Khali Best, Demetri Goritsas, Andrew Lewis, John Mackay, Alan Morrissey, Kirsty Rider and Augustina Seymour. 

Sophie Treadwell (1885 - 1970) was an extraordinary woman - a sufragette, actress, director, playwright and journalist. It's a huge honour to be part of this first revival since the National Theatre production in 1993. 

Here's a reminder of some of my theatre work: 

Aristo (Chichester Festival Theatre), Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf (Liverpool Playhouse), Roots (Royal Exchange Manchester), Winter Hill (Bolton Octagon), Den in dressing room waiting to go on (Pizza On The Park), The Cherry Orchard (Sherman Theatre Cardiff), The Long Road (Soho Theatre), Den in rehearsals (Sherman Theatre), Pack (Finborough Theatre), Sister Act the Musical (National Tour), The Threepenny Opera (Oldham Coliseum), Sisters (Sheffield Crucible).

If you can make it to Machinal, let me know and I'll see you in the bar after!

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Actually in truth, writing this from Vienna, but will be back in the South of England by next week, and there's a couple of gigs coming up too. So what's new? Well one thing that happened is this...

That was for the part I played in Gary Owen's re-imagined "Cherry Orchard" - which is finished now, so lord knows what happens next - but I'm red right now! I'm taking a quick break in Vienna with my son and father-in-law Eric, then it's back to the South Coast of England for a couple of gigs and (weather permitting) a bit of sailing before I take Sunya out of the water for a few winter weeks. 

It's been a hell of a year, full of adventure. Just before The Cherry Orchard I sailed the Bay of Biscay with my mate Geoff on his 36 foot Rustler. That was a game changer. I've talked about sailing the open ocean but my boat and my sailing has largely been coastal. This was a reality check for my sea legs and the news is it was AMAZING. Here's me prepping breakfast after we've made it across BoB and are setting out for England...

When I got back I was soon off to Cardiff to rehearse, but I ducked back to London for my father-in-law Eric Sanders book launch. Eric is nearly 98. Back when he was a jewish boy in Vienna he watched Hitler march into town and ran home to tell his mother. She said he wouldn't be going to school again, and he didn't. What followed is a huge story, one which you can read in his extraordinary autobiography - you can find it on Amazon books (search for Eric Sanders), as you can his novels. Eric has become something of a celebrity in Vienna in his 90s. He's on telly, he's in the papers, everyone wants to interview him. Isn't that an extraordinary life full circle. I was very proud to perform at his book launch with my beloved family and life long Kray Sister chums Kate McKenzie and Josie Lawrence.

But now I have to get down to some practice! 2 gigs coming up:

Friday Nov 24th at the Rottingdean Club
Sunday Dec 4th at Bar Broadway.

See you soon!